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The devious tag-team is back with their latest installment "The Power of Hatred". Thirteen tracks of absolute terror, divided into five separate chapters, each with a unique theme. Guest featurings include horrorcore legends The Flatlinerz and Insane Poetry, scratches are done by DJ Grazzhoppa, Psix and DJ Fellbaum.


1. Prologue

Chapter I: Double Damage Release date: August 30th
2. Evil
3. Darkness & Demolition

Chapter II: The Unholy Trinity Release date: September 27th
4. M.O.R.B.I.D
5. Richard Ramirez
6. Truth to the Darkness

Chapter III: Group Therapy Release date: October 25th
7. Barbaric ft. Insane Poetry
8. Rigor Mortis ft. The Flatlinerz

Chapter IV: The Satanic Rituals Release date: November 29th
9. As Above so Below
10. The Witches Sabbath
11. Ave Satanas

Chapter V: Game Over Release date: December 20th
12. Oblivion
13. R.I.P

"The Power of Hatred" will be released in segments over a period of 5 months starting from the end of August. Fans can purchase a subscription to receive a new chapter by e-mail every month. This is a one-off payment of 10 EUR. Physical CD's will be available in a limited supply by the end of the rollout period (December 20th). Pre-order your CD together with the digital release for 20 EUR.

ORDER YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. Please note that CD pre-orders will be dispatched in December
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Q: In what audio format is the digital release?
A: MP3 at 320kbps.

Q: I don't have access to the email address linked to my PayPal account, can I submit another email address?
A: Yes, use the comments section in Paypal for this when placing your order.

Q: If I purchase the subscription later on during distribution, do I still receive the previous chapters?
A: Yes, you will receive all currently available chapters with the next chapter.

Q: Are shipping costs for the CD included?
A: Yes, 20 EUR is the total amount.

Q: When will I receive the CD?
A: CD's will be dispatched halfway through December.

Q: Will "The Power of Hatred" be available through Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc?
A: Yes, but not until the end of December.