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Psix is an underground hip-hop producer and deejay from the Netherlands. His passion for hiphop started at an early age around the mid 80's. After some years of playing drums in a band and reciting other artists lyrics, he started making his own rapmusic in 1991. Until this day he's still active in all aspects of music production. From a producer perspective he's influenced by artists such as: Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, BDP, NWA, Prince Paul, Hit squad, Soul Assassins Dj Muggs, Lethal And Ralph M the Mexican, Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, Gangstarr's Premier, Non Phixion and Necro.

Psix is most known for being the instigator of the Hip-hopstandelingen and Underworld-Netherlands projects. Besides the group efforts he's also known for being a solo artist. In 2012 he teamed up with fellow hiphop artist Melph to start Akkie Records, meant as an outlet for releasing their music independently.

Since 2011 Psix is the official tour deejay of Mr. Morbid & Melph. He's also deejaying at hiphop parties across The Netherlands and he's organizing hiphop parties in Nijmegen. Besides the music aspect, he's also artwork creator for Akkie Records releases, posters, flyers and other promotional material.

Psix is considered a 100% hip-hop purist.